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Newborn Photography Basics

Posted By on Jul 11, 2016

babyIf you’re a newborn photography professional, you need to show that this work is your passion and talent. When you have the passion and talent, you must also understand the expectations of your client. Some know what they want, but most of them, newborn pictures will come as a surprise. There are several styles of newborn photography involved in this case, lifestyle and studio or posed photography. Studio photography is done between the first two weeks after birth. Shots of the baby while in the blankets and when wrapped get more focus. The second photography is a lifestyle where the natural lifestyle and the images of the baby and its home compound are basically targeted. This can also be conducted when the infant is up to six weeks old.

Another point to note when doing newborn photography is that you need to be prepared to avoid unnecessary surprises that raise anxiety. Mothers are waiting for a nice soothing moment. They should get the dose of their hard work. Your client needs to be aware of all the activities you need done during the photo session. When taking pictures of the newborn, you know what to do with the inspiring movements of the baby. You need to understand that babies showcase hidden different features in their movements all that they do is inspiring. When stretching or yawning, display of dimples in the baby’s cheeks and cute eyes, the photo taken at that moment will be really awesome.

Why Should You be Extremely Cautious When Shooting Infants?

Newborn photographers need to be extremely cautious when doing their job. Infants are not like older babies or adults who know how to pose for a photo and therefore need to remain patient until they pose. Newborn photography is unique and is laborious because there is no known perfect moment for the baby. As per to babies, they need more attention because they are not aware of what is happening. Therefore, the photographer needs to control everything, but should also be careful not to make baby angry. Parents may direct a newborn photographer, but all that they want is an interesting and inspiring picture.

What is the Perfect Timing for Shooting a Newborn Photo?

The newborn can be taken photos when in a deep sleep. Doing so help to capture the still moments of the kid because you cannot get rid of it when the baby is awake due movements. Close-up images are significant for the family moments. They are not only adorable in the albums, but they can accompany family books that read frequently or occasionally. Due to the love of mothers to their kids, they can also pose for pictures with them for memories in all the progress of the baby’s life. Other best moments of taking newborn photos include during the perfect time when breastfeeding, napping the baby, and even when together with the dad of the baby.

Any other moment with of a child is a lifetime inspiring. A professional newborn photographer will assist mothers and dads connect the moments with perfect timed infant pictures that will accompany family memories for the rest of the lifetime.

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Wedding Photo Ideas

Creative and fun wedding photography ideas and trends are very dynamic. Professional photographers must come up with an array of unique concepts to effectively cater for the changing demand from distinct personalities. Not all couples are conventional, so you must be ready to allow your creative juices flow in a fun way that will etch the day into the memory books. Be ready to offer flexible and innovative concepts even beyond the couple’s expectations. Today, the trends are leaning more towards out-of-the-ordinary themes to photography that represents the unique style penchant of modern couples. Try out these unique trends and break away from tradition.
Vintage Black and White

A vintage appeal of the black and white photography appeals to many brides. Vintage is unique because it never really gets old. The black and white treatment for photos allows the couple to apply the style to the rest of the wedding shooting trends. Whether the couple is looking to have a traditional and romantic hall nuptial or just a hippie style wedding and reception in the woods, it is easy to still achieve the vintage black and white concept.
The Wet Concept

Give the couple a chance to have fun by taking them to a pool or beach still in their wedding garb. Then take photos of them having fun in the water. The photos will come out so natural and fun.

Trash the Dress

This wedding photography concept is imported straight out of the high fashion magazines. It blends well with brides that can be described as sweet and dainty. This trend is creative, but also raw and fun. It will allow you to experiment with different ways to get the best angle.

Photographers come with paint, confetti, smear, and a contrasting hotchpotch of things that will really obliterate and taint the bridal dress. These smears or paints can be rented from studios or bought cheaply from thrift stores and yard sales. The general appeal and look created is very nineties grime or rocker-chic.
Play with your camera

As a photographer, there is a lot you can do with your camera for a creative and fun session whether the shooting was perfect or not. You can start out with time lapse photos as long as you can control the exposure and place images consistently with one another. You can also set your camera to capture an array of fun and slow motion effects, for instance flowers opening and sprouts budding in the hands of the bride.

You and Me against the World

This can be as creative as your mind allows. Let the couple run against crowds or take the photos in the middle of a heavy traffic. This trend is very artistic and theatrical. However what stands out for this photography in weddings is that it amplifies the narration of a very romantic story.
These trends are even more interesting if the couple itself is into arts and fashion. All you need to do is hire an expert and the creative and fun wedding photography ideas possibilities are endless. You could also come up with your own concept or trend and rock the world to your new beginnings.

For more wedding photography tips and ideas, please visit Photography Orange County and talk to one of our specialists to see how we can help you for your special occasions.

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Studio Photography Basics

Posted By on Jun 1, 2016

Studio photography is ideal for most people because you can get exactly the type of photos that you desire. Everything is basically under your control and you can manipulate them to suit your requirements. A studio is a great place to take family portraits, passport photographs and professional photo shoots for a magazine or website. An incredibly creative person can make use of the available equipment to produce amazing photos.

Studio Photography
These are some of the studio photography basics that any aspiring photographer should take note of:

Ceiling or floor-based studio

Studios can either be floor or ceiling based depending on what you find most suitable. In a floor-based studio, light-stands are used for lighting and background supports are mounted to provide great backgrounds during photo sessions. They are also made of very lightweight material since they are meant to be highly portable. A ceiling-based studio on the other hand has background rollers fixed on the ceiling. There is also a rail system that makes it possible to position lights at any point within a rectangular space. This type of studio is slightly more expensive to set up but it’s also the most functional.


Studio photography relies so much on artificial lighting. If the studio has windows, you can make use of the incoming sunlight to take appropriate photos. Artificial lights are available in different varieties and a photographer should know which ones to use and on what occasions. There are hot lights, cold lights and warm lights. Hot lights are great because you can always see the final image that you are going to get but they also have the disadvantage of seriously heating up the studio. This can make both the photographer and the clients sweaty and uncomfortable. Fluorescent light bulbs are suitable for giving out warm light and use far much less electrical energy. However, they can give you uneven lighting when using very fast shutter speeds. Cold lights are commonly referred to as electronic flashes and can be created using studio strobes.

Studio background

A seamless paper is the basic professional studio background. There are different backgrounds to choose from depending on client preferences and the purpose of the photo shoot. A good background helps to create high quality and wonderful photos. You therefore need to get the best one to work with.


This is one of the most important items in a studio. A camera with great functionality gives you the right amount of flexibility when taking photos. Without a good camera you can’t really shoot great photos. Shop around for the best quality in the market and make your work stand out. Apart from the camera itself, there is also the camera support. In order to ensure maximum sharpness, the camera has to remain still during exposure especially when using hot lights. In case you are using larger and heavier cameras, a stand for support is even more necessary so that you can concentrate on the actual work without being distracted by the weight.

Complimentary items

These are always used to add fun to the photo shoot. You can have unique objects in the studio or art paintings to help add some excitement into the final image.

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This is one of the greatest Internet love stories that has ever been told since the beginning of the online world, and it is a story of online marketing and design! Even though a lot of people are more or are less familiar with online marketing, the ways in which it is influenced by design still seems to escape them. These people sometimes fail to understand the influence which design has had and still has over online marketing! So, let’s try to explain the connection and relationship between online marketing and design, so that you are able to use them in order achieve success!

Understanding Online Marketing

Online marketing has many names. That being said, online marketing is also known as Internet advertising, or online advertising, or Internet advertising, and all of these names refer to one and the same thing. All these terms are in fact used to refer to a form of marketing and advertising in which the Internet is used as means to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. It is that simple! Online marketing requires numerous participants in this process, well just like any other advertising media. In also uses various strategies to attract buyers or consumers to use/buy/consume their product.

Understanding The Importance Of Online Marketing

We are not exaggerating when we say that online marketing is immensely important. It has become increasingly important with the development of the Internet, social networks, and it has in fact become the place to advertise. That being said, people are using social media and the Internet most of the time, so online marketing becomes the easiest way to reach the highest number of people without going through too much ordeal.

Why Is Design An Important Aspect Of Online Marketing?

Online marketing without a successful marketing strategy and design will not achieve any success. Without a good and well-thought-out design, online marketing would not appeal to any of potential customers. Therefore it is important that the design is of high quality, so that it can reach numerous people. The design has to be attractive, appealing, memorable and creative, in order for all of this machinery to get people to buy your product or use your services.

Design And Success

There are numerous approaches to design, but whatever the approach the desired end result is the same: success. The design which uses popular trends will bring the best results, but so will a design that is nostalgic and reminds us of ye goode olde times.  Actually, what you have to figure out are your client base and potential clients and what kind of design would appeal to them, so that you can use that to your advantage.

Online Marketing And Its Influence On Design And Trends

The vice versa is also possible. So, it is not just design that dictated online marketing, but vice versa as well. People nowadays are accustomed to instant living, so in a way this is reflected by the clean cut and simple design that does not engage many details.

Still, trends change and just when something gets so popular it could not be more popular, the complete opposite gets into the picture and steals the show.

Just like the smallest mobile phones, all of a sudden were replaced by gigantic screens we now hold to our ears. Things inevitably and constantly change, so do trends and people.

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